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Prevent Garage Door Accidents.

No one is exempt from an accident. No one never intends to have an accident but accidents may happen. It is in your power to take any measures to avoid having any accidents and disaster from happening to you and your family. Take a moment to review this article and add measures of prevention to avoid accidents.

Garage door Accident

As the years go by, wear and tear is the number one factor triggering a future accident. When your door is damaged, remember to get it repaired. This includes testing the reverse safety feature by placing a towel over the laser-eye and closing the door remotely. If the garage door continues to close, have it inspected by our pros. Consider the age and use of the door opener for possible replacement.

Secondly, Keep all garage door remotes, free from children and pets. The best option is to keep all remotes at a distance including the wall mount. Speak to your children about garage door safety.

Thirdly, garage door operation should be properly used and supervised. The key is to watch your garage door completely close before walking away. The smallest obstruction can keep a garage from closing. Secure your belongings by making sure your garage is closed and away from predators.

Next, take one minute to test your garage for weakness and possible damage to your hardware. This includes cables, springs, rollers, and hinges. Doing this simple test, will prevent a headache later.

Lastly, exame and identify you garage door emergency lever. It is usually marked by a red handle and cord. It is at arm's length accessible by an adult for any emergency situation you may encounter including a power outage or anything trapped beneath the door. By pulling this lever, you release the garage door from the garage opener for manual operation.

The measure you take now can reduce the statistics of accident and deaths caused by neglect. Have all damages or concerns addressed by our garage door experts.

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