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Houston is our home and our mission is to provide the best garage door service to our community. We hold up to our reputation and will continue to do so for the coming years, as Houston's Prefered Garage Door Service. Using only "Made in America" garage door products you can rest assured it's quality products that will endure the test of time. Click to call for fast service:
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Winterize your garage Door & Keeping the garage warm, DIY.
build your door

It's all about that cold cold weather, and keeping it out.
Homeowners can use their garage as a great place for continuous work, all winter long. Are you find that your garage is leaking in too much cold air. The fact that there is too much draft is because your garage has too many cracks and not enough seals and insulation. Simple.

garage door insulationIf it gets very cold in the winter time, It's time to insulate the garage and perhaps the walls and ceiling. The first step is determining if your garage doors need replacing. If it's time to upgrade here are some great options you may be interested in at an affordable price:

Raised Panel 2250      Raised Panel 2206      Raised Panel 4240      Raised Panel 4255
There are many more options to choose from, however, we'll get all the material and we install at a great price.

Insulation and Seals
Keep in mind, regardless of any mis-conceptions, Steel panel doors are a great option when the core of the panel doors are foam core insulation with a R12 value of higher. When selecting a insulated garage door we recommend seals at the rabbet joint so upon closing the garage door it forms a tight seal, keeping much cold air out. This same idea is applied to the bottom of the door. The weather stripping is made to keep rodents, insects, debri, weather, water and other such elements out while conforming to any irregularities in the floor.

Steel Rollers or Nylon Rollers
While upgrading your garage door, a nylon roller will give you a nice quiet operation as opposed to steel rollers on steel tracks. The nice feature about this nylon roller is that is lasts a reasonable amount of years.

I can't replace my garage doors now, what else can i do?
garage door bottom sealCheck to see if there are possible areas where you can reduce the spacing between the face of the door and the stop of the opening. You can do this by adjusting the track in or out and leaving the space just about 1/8 of an inch without causing any fiction. Do this along both tracks.

After adjusting the exterior gap, you also have the option to install a weather strips around the exterior of the door, on the rabbet joints and at the bottom of the door. Your local hardware store stocks these exact seal in kits and are easily installed. As for insulating your garage door panels, it is not highly recommended but you may do so using insulation panels and liquid gap fillers available at your local hardware store. Cutting the insulation panels down to size you can fit them tightly into the top and bottom lip of the garage door and adhering them gap filler. In addition, sweap any debri, dust, spider webs, etc. that come in contact with the garage door and grease any movable parts to ensure full operation during the cold winter months.

If these techniques are not functioning as expected, have our Crown Overhead Door Technicians advise you. Call 713-466-4335 to get free advice, without obligation.

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