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Prevent Garage Goor from Freezing Shut This Winter, DIY.

frozen shut Garage doorIce and moisture is common in Houston and may freeze your garage door shut, making it impossible to function properly. Essentially ice can damage your door and/or opener. As water lays at the bottom base of the door and the nightly freezing temperatures set in for 12 hours, know that ice can break and tear the garage door seal and other vital components.

So how does Houston prepare for a freeze?

First, take measures to remove any existing ice or snow with a shovel. Any existing ice can make it even more difficult to operate your garage door. Next, apply plenty of salt at ground level where the garage door meets the cement. This should do the job and we recommend you do this on a daily or weekly basis.

For years we've been installing new bottom garage seals because of the ice ripping away at the seal. Many customer have experience worse situations during the winter season because they failed to inspect existing damage to the bottom seal. So, take a few moments to review your garage door and seals.

Second, Lubricating your door is a TOTAL ADVANTAGE for you. By taking special silicone lube, formulated for garage doors, apply it directly to the seal. By applying a layer of lubrication, you're preventing your seal from freezing to the ground. First, clean the seal of dust and debri and coat the seal with lubrication and spread it evenly with a dry rag. Once this is completed, this is a great opportunity to lube the rollers, hinges, locks, track, and any movable part to reduce the chances of a frozen shut garage door. Furthermore, winter lubricating your door will have you ready for the incoming year, worry-free.

And lastly, keep your garage heated. Easy enough, just plug in an electrical heater and keep it going during the freezing points this winter. This method is not highly recommended due to the cost, but it does the job when the winter hits hard.

For more tips and tricks, we are available to answer any questions you may have concerning the winter effects on your garage doors, openers and parts. Garage door prevention is the best way to have your belongings secure and damage free.

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